Untangling Ship Collision Claims

When a worker or passenger aboard a ship is injured as a result of a collision, the resulting claim will bring about a tangle of issues that need to be addressed. At the Crew Law Firm in League City, we have a history of handling challenging cases involving ships colliding with other ships, oil rigs, bridges and other offshore infrastructure. In these cases, we often are called on to represent the pilots assisting in navigating those vessels, but

Identifying The Negligent Party

A critical component of maritime injury claims involving ship collisions is determining the party responsible. Did another vessel cause the wreck, or was it the result of carelessness or recklessness of other workers aboard the ship? Answering this question may require working with investigators and experts. Our reputation within the field of maritime law means we are networked with trusted investigators and experts, and we can bring them in as the case requires in order to build an effective legal strategy to help you get compensation.

Is It A Jones Act Claim?

Different laws will apply in different circumstances, depending in large part on the victim's role on the ship. Seamen and ship employees will typically be covered by the Jones Act in these cases, while different laws will apply to passengers. When you choose our law firm, you will work with a lawyer who is devoted to handling offshore accident cases. We can quickly identify the law that will apply and build your case accordingly.

Start With A Free Consultation

From our League City law office, we handle vessel collision cases involving container ships, cruise ships, tank ships, platform supply vessels, crew boats and more. We represent people in Galveston County, throughout Texas and nationwide. We begin every case with a free consultation, which is your opportunity to learn more about your options for moving forward and seeking compensation. Call 866-574-5425 or contact us by email.

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