Handling Offshore Contracts And Energy Disputes

At the Crew Law Firm, we represent all maritime businesses in contractual matters and energy disputes involving oil and gas. We are experienced in offshore business law matters and understand the industries involved. From our law office in League City, we represent clients in Galveston County, throughout Texas and nationwide.

Offshore Contracts

We can draft a wide range of contracts, including drilling contracts, equipment purchase agreements, supply contracts and transportation agreements. We take great care in crafting contracts that are clear, concise and all-inclusive in order to reduce the likelihood of disputes between the parties involved. We also review contracts and negotiate changes as appropriate.

In the event of a breach of contract, we can pursue a resolution through trial, negotiation or a form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration. When possible, we will attempt to resolve matters in a manner that preserves valuable business relationships. However, we are always prepared to argue in front of a judge and jury in order to protect the interests of the shipping and maritime businesses we represent.

Energy Disputes

We handle oil and gas disputes, as well as all other types of energy disputes. We seek to positively resolve energy contract disputes, disputes that arise during construction or decommissioning of platforms, environmental disputes and more. When you choose our law office, you will have an attorney on your side who will spend the time to identify your objective and then build a case designed to achieve your goals.

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